The knife is an important part of human culture. It is our oldest tool, fashioned by human ingenuity so that we may begin ordering the chaotic world around us. This is perhaps why the Knife is more than a utilitarian tool and in fact a symbol.

We believe that knives play an important role in our lives. They embody the freedom we all yearn for in a single object. 

At Ironside Edge Works we specialise in handmade knives that not only fulfil the functional requirements of the tool, but are aesthetically considered and beautifully crafted to also please the eye. 


Bridging the Gap between Form & Function

Our work is defined by our Japanese influence. 

As in the Japanese Tradition, we believe that just because a tool is functional, doesn’t mean it cannot also be beautifully crafted. We believe our work should occupy the space between functional utility knives and artistic representations of knives. 

We don’t believe in austerity. We don’t believe in form over function. We believe that form and function should exist in perfect harmony. Like the Japanese Katana and the craftsmen who make them, we feel every part of the knife should have a purpose and be crafted to the best of our ability, using the highest quality materials. 

We specialise in what we term “Defensive Knives”. Knives that are intended for daily carry, deployed from concealment for the arduous task of defending oneself from criminal attack. 

Each one of our knives is made entirely by hand. Imparting the spirit of the maker into the blade. This is why we affectionately call our knives “Divine Companions”.

We have been privileged enough to fill this role since 2017 and have shipped knives to users and collectors all over the world, including those of distinguished merit. 

Our knives

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Buying Our Knives

We are a small workshop of 2 makers who complete all the knives we make almost entirely by hand.

We dedicate many hours of individual attention to each one of the knives that leaves our workshop. As a result our work is naturally limited and we typically only produce around 250 knives a year.

There are 2 Options when it comes to acquiring our knives.

We produce 4-6 knives per week of varying models and styles which are available for purchase. We post what is available through our social media pages. The most reliable way to see what we have available is to join our private Facebook Group or our free Patreon channel. 

We accept a limited number of Custom Orders onto our book, and typically do less than 20 Custom Orders per year. This is the most reliable way to get exactly what you are looking for, but will require joining our Custom Book and waiting your turn. 

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