We have worked to make the process of ordering an Ironside Edge Works knife both as easy as we can, but also as informative as possible.

When you express interest in ordering either a Custom Knife or Bespoke Knife, you will be contacted by a member of our team who will also supply you with a Prospectus – we use this term because we understand that this decision is an investment. The Prospectus will detail everything you need to know about the Ordering process from start to finish. It will also detail all the options you need to consider for your Order.

When you are ready to proceed, your Sales Consultant will furnish you with a Quotation based on your desired specifications and parameters. Once your deposit is received your order is locked in and in the que.


  • A non-refundable 50% Deposit will be required to secure your order.
  • It will take time to be completed. Some orders may take 8-12 months (or longer if significant global logistics issues arise, such as COVID-19).
  • We care about your order. We want it to be as perfect as possible.


We ship our orders by insured service via DHL at a cost of $30.00 per order under 1kg.

This service covers North America and the EU and usually takes approx. 10 business days. Areas outside of this may require a small additional fee and take slightly longer.

Should any orders go missing during the shipping process, we will refund or replace the order, only after thorough investigation by ourself and our shipping company. This process can take some time to be resolved. Thankfully it is a very uncommon occurence.

Warranty & Returns:

All our work is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This guarantees our work against normal usage, not abusive damage, or attempted modification. Should the knife fail under normal, reasonably expected performance we will repair or replace it at no charge and at our discretion. This may be done via local Agents/Distributors for ease and convenience.

Returns will only be accepted by prior arrangement, and at our discretion. Refunds on returns will only be considered at our discretion and once the Knife has been returned and is in acceptable condition for resale.


Orders can be cancelled 14 days after placement and payment of the 50% deposit.

After this 14 day period Orders cannot be cancelled and deposits will not be refunded.

Once the order is completed and can be resold to a new buyer, you will be refunded your deposit less admin fees if you still do not wish to take it.


We Will be Delighted to Discuss Your Requirements